Hi, I'm Naomi.


My life boils down to two things:  supporting others and making things.  It has looked different in how this has played out over the years, but if I have these two things, I'm a happy one and know that I am making my contribution to the world.  My experiences growing up in the Midwest, living down South and out West, to living in Japan, Indonesia,  and Thailand have enriched my perspective.  


I was a teacher for 18 years- which is crazy to me that I did it for so long, when at first teaching was the last thing I wanted to do!  But, when God has a will and you're following His lead, it all fits and makes sense.  I loved my time as a teacher.  I taught the majority of my years in low-income schools where the needs were great, but the love was real.  I loved using my creative brain to come up with new activities, events and equipment.  I sure do miss my time with the littles, but was burned out.   I could have chosen to stick it out for my own security and paycheck, but they deserve so much more than that.  

So as I was feeling unsettled, I began the journey of really digging into what makes me ME.  What my unique blend of personality, strengths, intelligences, and such were.  I've always enjoyed personality tests and take them when I can.  Below is just a bit of who I am...in words...through different lenses.


Myers-Briggs - For sure Introvert & Feeler, I've scored both on Sensing/Intuitive & Judging/Perceiving.  

CliftonStrengths - Relator. Adaptability. Connectedness. Belief. Strategic.

Enneagram - 9 Peacemaker/Mediator

Strengths Explorer- Dependability. Relating. Caring.

Multiple Intelligences-Existential (ability to see the big picture) & Bodily Kinesthetic

I used these assessments to get a better idea of how I function, where my assets and liabilities are.  These assessments bring words to what I think and feel.  They've helped me navigate the transition not only in my career, but also moving to other countries.  

So I'm here now, a Life Purpose & Transition Coach, using all that I am to journey with people who want more out of their days.  I did my coach training through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).  Working with those that are unsettled as I was and are ready to dig deep into who they are and what the next steps are in their journey is what makes me come alive.  

So besides all that, here's a bit more about me:

-I love a good treasure hunt at estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.  I enjoy the beauty of old things and when possible bringing new life to them.  

-I love to learn new things.  If I could get paid to take craft classes or any kind of classes for that matter, I would so apply!

-I enjoy exploring new places.  When I travel I plan on where I'm sleeping, but then wander the streets to see where they lead.  So many times I've come across many amazing places that I wouldn't have if I stayed on the travel guides beaten path.  

-I enjoy my 8 nieces and nephews and the awesome people they are. 

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